Sometimes, the ONLY difference between you and your competitor is knowledge

It is almost universally accepted that the best performing organisations make data-driven, evidence based decisions.

They perform better because they find it easier to make better decisions, quicker.

But even some organisations who accept this truth still struggle to use their data to drive performance.

It’s not that they don’t WANT to do it…….it’s just that they CAN’T do it.

We are Professional Accountants and Business Intelligence Consultants.

We combine over 30 years experience as Chartered Accountants …

…with an expertise in latest generation, cutting edge BI Tools which we will integrate with your Office (Excel, Word) and other incumbent software

(Chances are, we’ve experienced precisely the issues confronting you right now. So we can identify, understand and articulate these issues….and with our expertise in BI tools, we can recommend the product that most fits your needs, and we can also configure and deploy the product to your specification).

We are a “One Stop Shop” for all your reporting needs….

We help you GET your data; and we help you USE it.

Our Services

  • Business Intelligence Consulting & Implementation

    drilldown will build your reporting applications using the latest BI technologies, and train your staff in how to deliver compelling, easily understood reports that combine visualisations and drilldown capabilities that will allow you to extract insights like never before.

  • Performance and Control

    Great data drives great decision making. And great decision making drives great performance. Having all this data is one thing. Using it is quite another. We will work with you to place evidence based action and accountability at the heart of performance management and corporate governance, helping you to use your data to achieve operational and financial goals..

  • Accounting Support Services

    BI Tools are versatile. They are not just about reporting. They are also powerful processing engines that can be used to automate many processes associated with accounting…

  • Outsourced Analytics

    If you don’t have the resources or expertise to deliver quality analytics in-house, then outsourced analytics might be just the ticket for you. Just let us dial in and we will do the rest…..

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